Our raw material Peruvian Pima Cotton

Our fabrics are made with high quality Pima cotton yarn, for the length, fineness and fiber softness. It has anti fungus properties and “gossypol” on its chemical composition, being insect bite - resistant. Suitable to be in contact with the most delicate skin without risk of damage, because it is hypoallergenic. It keeps body heat in winter and is cool in the summer. It is more absorbent and resistant than traditional cotton.

Organic Pima Cotton

Unlike conventional cotton, the Pima organic cotton is cultivated on lands without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and defoliants. The Peruvian organic cotton standards don’t allow the use of transgenic seeds, that’s why
our country has lower contamination risk by contact with genetically modified seeds. Organic farming is based on crop rotation rather than using chemical fertilizers. Therefore, organic cotton doesn’t expose skin to toxic substances.

Additionally, we use organic / eco-friendly products in dyeing and stamping processes for both conventional Pima cotton and organic Pima cotton. This way we can deliver to our customers a certificated sustainable product.