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Welcome to The Love Time, Dress Up & Enjoy!

Our peruvian organic pima cotton products are designed for your baby and kids healthy dress and connect with parents using pjs same prints when enjoy the best moments in house.

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    (0 - 3 m)

  • Boys

    (2 -8y)

  • Girls

    (2 -8y)

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Love Time's clothes are made with peruvian pima cotton and peruvian pima organic cotton, the finest and softer cotton in the world. Ethically manufactured in Lima, Peru.

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    Garments with a great purpose: Fair trade that embraces all.


    Style that endures in every adventure: Children's fashion designed to withstand the test of time.


    Ropa que cuida el mañana de tus hijos: Materiales sustentables para su comodidad


    Love is sewn into every stitch. Children's clothing crafted under ethical labor conditions.

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