Our mission as a brand is to strengthen family bonds by sharing moments with expressions of love; that is, to live "the time of love" with our loved ones: parents, children, grandparents. These are moments in which love is experienced, and therefore, values and principles are transmitted from generation to generation. Moments that are shared watching a movie or playing at home, moments in which we read or tell a story to our little ones.

We are convinced that love is the essential vitamin for the soul, shaping healthy human beings who will positively contribute to the society in which they develop.

LOVE TIME is inspired by the childhood lived by Ruby Ruth Velásquez Rondón, close to her affectionate grandparents, a super-loving mother, a disciplined father, and her siblings as accomplices in various games that emulated a small family including dolls, little pots, toy horses, etc. This childhood unfolded in an Ancashino District between the white and black mountain ranges of the Peruvian Andes, a place with beautiful natural landscapes in Peru.

This inspiration is replicated in the various cities traveled by Ruby and Absalon during their long entrepreneurial journey, cities such as New Milford (CT, USA); Gramado (Porto Alegre, Brazil), Segovia (Spain), Guadalajara (Mexico), Guatapé (Medellin-Colombia), etc. She collects dolls that remind her of her warm childhood, and he collects wooden horses of all sizes that remind him of his childhood fascination with assembling and disassembling as if playing.

LOVE TIME takes care to nurture the souls of our little ones, but also cares for the health of each one and the home of all: our planet. Therefore, our designs are crafted from delicate fabrics made of pima cotton, organic cotton, pima organic cotton, mostly in light colors, water-printed with eco-friendly dyes. All inputs and accessories are free of toxins. Designs are classic, basic, and primarily in harmony with the age of our little ones.


In order with our philosophy, love time compromises to donate up to 5% of its profits collected through their web www.thelovetime.com The beneficiaries of those donations will be public or private institutions that exert as foster parents which take in children in a situation of moral and material neglect.