Love Time History

Love Time is inspired by Ruby Ruth Velásquez Rondón's childhood with her loving grandparents, a super loving mother, a disciplined father and her brothers as partners in various games in which they were a lovely family. Her childhood was developed in an Ancashin district between the whity Andes mountains, a Peruvian place with beautiful natural landscapes.

This inspiration is replicated in different cities known by Ruby and Absalon on their long business journey, cities like New Milford, United States; Gramado, Brazil; Segovia, Spain; Guadalajara Mexico; Guatape, Colombia; etc. Love Time takes care of cultivating the soul of our little ones. Additionally to take care of health and the environment. Therefore, our designs are reflected in delicate fabrics made with pima cotton, organic cotton, and organic pima cotton. Our clothes show mostly light colors, water-based prints with ecological dyes. Classic style designs aimed at our children.

  • Ruby Ruth Velasquez Rondon

    Industrial & System Engineer
    (PUCP / UNI – PERU)
    Circular Economy
    (MIT – USA)

Our Missión

Our mission as a brand is to strengthen family attachment by sharing family moments with expressions of love; that is, to live 'the time to love' with our loved ones: parents, children, grandparents. Moments in which love is experienced and, therefore, values and principles are transmitted from generation to generation. Moments that are shared watching a movie or playing at home, moments when we read or tell a story to our little ones.

What is Love Time?

A brand that promotes positive values within coexistence familiar. These will be reflected in society for a healthy and balanced development. To generate a great social value circle.


Geared towards improving the quality of life and social well-being of individuals. Time to share family love and learn positive values by example. Contribute to the development and upbringing of the family with love and kindness. Aimed at improving the quality of life and social well-being of people.

Brand's Promise

Love Time will be with you in important moments of your life. Always in order to provide a quality product clearly driven by love and joy. We guarantee the well-being of our clients by taking care to use sustainable inputs that do not harm the environment atmosphere.

Love Time Commitment

In order with our philosophy, love time compromises to donate up to 5% of its profits collected through their web The beneficiaries of those donations will be public or private institutions that exert as foster parents which take in children in a situation of moral and material neglect.